New Jersey – December 2017

We went to visit Alyssa’s fam in Jersey over the holidays. We stayed for 11 days and bringing the dogs so we drove. We drove for 14 hours. We hate the drive. It’s horrible, and we never really want to do it again. The worst part about getting from Atlanta to Jersey is you either have to drive through windy mountain roads or go through all the major east coast cities (DC, Baltimore, etc) and neither are ideal. It was our third time making the drive, and we probably won’t do it again.

Our time in Jersey was not one of the most eventful. It was freezing the entire time. Single digit temperature days were the norm, and I don’t think it got above 20 the entire time we were there. On top of that, half of the family got a little sick and there were several days we didn’t even leave the house. We are all go and do-ers so that was a huge hit for everyone to not be able to actually go out and do.

We did the usual holiday things. We had cookies. We made awful gingerbread houses with the kids. We drank eggnog. The best part of the trip hands down was being able to meet our new nephew for the first time. He turned one month old while we were there, and we enjoyed being able to spoil him.
One of the days when the temperature rose into the teens, we decided to head into Princeton. They have a completely free art museum on campus, and it was a nice way to spend the day. We went through all of the exhibits and then took a quick walk through downtown Princeton after.

We also took a trip into Pennsylvania to Peddler’s Village on New Year’s Eve. We had a warm lunch in a cozy pub and walked around the village checking out the various shops. We didn’t last too long as it was freezing out, but the pictures of the village in the snow turned out quite nice.

We ended up spending actual New Year’s Eve at home with the fam. We baked cookies. We played dumb board games. Had some beer, and laughed because we didn’t know most of the artists featured on the “New Year’s Rockin Eve” broadcast.


One comment on “New Jersey – December 2017”
  1. Lesbian travel is my new favorite tag OF ALL TIME

    Extreme cold is as miserable as extreme heat, but somehow more depressing. I remember when we drove to Canada and how shocking that cold was … my southern heart couldn’t even.


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