Disney World – December 2017

Against our best judgement (damn you decent AP discount) we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort during construction.  Yeesh. Talk about a war zone.  We were in the Trinidad South buildings which was great to be away from a bulk of the construction zone, but also bad because any time you left the property you had to drive alllll the way around as the direct route to our buildings was blocked off.  The food buffet in a tent/food truck situation was also a little meh, but it was cheap(ish) and served it’s purpose.

We attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  It was my 2nd, and Alyssa’s first.  That will be it for us.  We much prefer the Halloween party, and feel it’s definitely worth return visits where the Christmas party is not.

The Festival of the Holidays was also going on at EPCOT. Firenog, y’all. FIRENOG.  We also listened to some of the international holiday stories, and particularly liked the one from Italy.

The temperatures dropped while we were there.  I actually love when it’s cold at Disney as it’s not the norm.  It’s really nice to walk around and not sweat to death.  It was in the 30’s our last day, and the wind chills dipped into the 20’s that night.  In retrospect, Disney Springs with a 26 degree wind chill was pretty dumb on our part, but we called it an early night anyways.


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